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Prophecy Masterclass

We live in tumultuous times. In these times it’s more important then ever to understand the role of prophecy well and to grow in this gift as a church. That’s why Pastor Lucas has developed a Masterclass that consists of 5 nights. We’ll announce the new dates soon. If you’re interested in joining the next Masterclass, let us know by filling in the form below.

Why a Prophecy Masterclass?

– It’s important to be able to interpret prophecies about these times well.
– Prophecy is an important gift to build up the church and each other.
– By growing in our relationship with the Holy Spirit and in our gift of prophecy, we’ll get to know the Holy Spirit better and we’ll learn to hear His voice in the midst of all the disquiet around us.
– In this course we’ll grow together with others.

For whom is the Masterclass?
The Masterclass is for every Christian that wants to grow in his or her gift of prophecy or relationship with the Holy Spirit. The course is not only for beginners, but also deepens your gift a lot to take big steps to prophecying effectively.

This is a course in which you’ll learn and experience a lot, that will give you tools to keep growing by yourself in your gift of prophecy and in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.

What will you learn?
– Why is prophecy so important?
– What is the goal of prophecy?
– Healthy do’s and don’ts
– How can you receive and test prophecie?
– Growing in prophecying
– What does the Bible say about real and false prophets?
– Get practical experience in a healthy environment
– Get to know others better

Dates en costs
The course consists of 5 nights from 20:00-21:30. The new dates come up soon. Registration fee is €40.

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