Frequently Asked Questions

What is C3 an abbreviation for?

C3 is an abbreviation for Christian City Church. This name derived from Pastor Phil Pringle’s goal to found 10 churches in 10 world cities, a plan he had in 1980. Over the years C3 Church has grown to a global movement with more than 500 churches world-wide. For more information check out

Do I have to believe in God to come to church?

No. Everyone is welcome, no matter what you believe and no matter what your background is. We are trying to make the services accessible and pleasant for guests. Bible verses and song lyrics are shown on the big screen. And of course there will be plenty of time before and after the service to get to know one another.

What is your vision?

Our vision is to pionier church communities that change their world for Christ. We build communities that help people to move forward in their relationship with God. This goes for both people who have been a Christian for years already as well as people who have never been to church before. We believe that people will grow by applying practical and biblical principles at home, in relationships and at work. This will help them to grow in capacity, to have an impact on their surroundings and truely make a difference.

How is the church funded?

All church activities are funded by gifts from our members and guests. Our organisation is registered as ANBI which means that gifts are tax deductible. Many people in our church believe in the biblical principle of giving 10 percent of their income to church. But every guest and member is encouraged to decide for themselves if and how much they would like to contribute.

Who is leading the church?

C3 The Hague is being led by Lucas and Nicola de Vreugd. This church is part of a world-wide network of more than 500 C3 churches. The European region is being led by Pastors Steve & Lizby Warren, pastors of C3 Imagine. C3 also regularly organises leadership conferences to support leaders and teams in C3 churches.