Leadership in C3 The Hague

C3 The Hague is led by Lucas and Nicola de Vreugd. Lucas and Nicola both have been involved in the C3 Amsterdam leadership team from a young age. Lucas also was involved in the launch and leadership of C3 Arnhem.

Lucas is a passionate pastor with a mission to preach the Bible in a simple and accessible way to people from different backgrounds. Besides his work in the church, Lucas founded his own e-learning company: Learn Industry.

Nicola has been a Music Director at C3 Amsterdam for several years. She also is an English teacher and founder of Kori Piano lessons, with locations in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Nicola is originally from New-Zealand, but speaks Dutch fluently. After she finished C3 College in Sydney she felt called to move to Europe to contribute to the local church.

Lucas and Nicola have a young family with three children: Emily, Elisa & Jayden.


Legally, C3 The Hague is a religious association that has been registered with the Kamer van Koophandel and has a ANBI-status.

C3 The Hague has an administration that holds the operational responsibility for all financial and material aspects of the church. This administration consists of Lucas de Vreugd (chairman), Nicola de Vreugd (treasurer), Emmie van Halder and Torsten Schwafert. The members of the administration do not receive any wages or claim expenses. When needed, the administration is supported by professionals and specialists from both within as well as outside of the church. As for complex issues and developments the Advisory Council of C3 Europe may be asked for advice by the administration and leadership team. This Advisory Council consists of Pastors Steve and Lizby Warren (C3 Imagine) and Pastors Thierry and Marianne Moerh (C3 Lausanne). If necessary, the administration may be asked to give account to the Advisory Council.