Christmas Hamper Project 2023

Christmas is a season of generosity and compassion for the needs of the people around us. This year we’re inviting every church member to nominate someone you know outside of church to receive a Christmas Hamper.

The idea is to choose either a person or a family who is in a difficult situation and could use some encouragement. Perhaps they, or someone in the family has health problems, they’ve lost a love one or have struggled to make ends meet with the rising living costs. As a church we want to encourage these people – put a smile on their face and bring them a glimmer of hope.

In the form below you can let us know what kind of hamper you’d like to order and give us enough details so that we can personalise the hamper for families.

The hampers will be packed on Saturday 9 December. On Sunday 10 December they’ll be ready to be picked up in church and you can give them to the person/family personally in that week.

Obviously this project would not be possible without sponsors! You can sponsor a hamper for €25 for singles and €50 for families.

Would you like to help us pack the hampers on Saturday 9 December? Just let us know. We’d love to hear how you’d like to be involved!

Sponsor a Christmas Hamper

You can sponsor one or several hampers by using this link or scan the QR code to the right with your smartphone.

Yes, let’s do this!