Smartphone on silent, world on pause, time for what’s really important!

– Do you have a desire for God and spiritual growth, but find it’s not really happening in your life right now?
– Do you want to grow spiritually but you don’t know where to start?
– Do you want to take time for God, but you notice that your days are so full you never get around to it?
– Do you have difficulty hearing God in the stress of daily life?
– Are you at an important moment in your life and you want to seek God for the right decision?

For all these reasons and more, we’re organising the GROW RETREAT in the Sint Paul Abbey in Oosterhout. The retreat is for everyone who wants to set apart 3 days for God, to meet with Him. During the group sessions and individual assignments, you’ll make room to hear from God. You’ll also be introduced to the spiritual habits that are so important in a world full of constant input, distractions and cares. During the retreat we’ll learn from each other and make friendships for life!

Register now for the GROW RETREAT.

€150 p.p including food for an individual room, excl. travel costs

Limited places
We have a limited number of places available. Register on time to ensure your place in the GROW RETREAT.

Thursday 18 May 3pm – Saturday 20 May (Thursday is a national holiday, you will need to request Friday off work)

Sint Paulusabdij
Hoogstraat 80, 4901 PK Oosterhout