This month we organize the Month of James: a series by C3 Global that we would love to share with you. Every Sunday we’ll stream an inspiring talk on YouTube on the book of James. You can join online or in Watch Parties across The Hague. We’ll hear from great voices like Pastor Phil Pringle, founder of C3 Global.

Register here for a Watch Party.

Update Pastor Lucas & Nicola
Our very own Pastors, Lucas & Nicola, will be back from their Summer break in October and will be joining one of the Watch Parties every Sunday. They would love to talk with everyone, answer questions and talk about the next season for us as a church. Through the app we’ll let you know weekly which Watch Party Lucas & Nicola will be at that Sunday.

Online all church meeting
On Wednesday night 13 October at 8pm we’ll join online on ZOOM for a all church meeting, in which we’ll talk about the future of our church together. We would love to see you there. Save the date!

Originally our plan was to meet each other on the first two Sundays of October for launch meetings at the Diligentia Theatre with everyone who wants to help build the church in the coming season. However, last month new measures were announced, of which one measure is showing the obligated QR-code before visiting a theatre. Because we want all our church activities to be freely accessible, we have decided to not come together in a theatre as long as this measure is in effect. We’ll explore together the coming month what church will look like in the near future.