C3 Den Haag started in a whiskeybar in
Zeeheldenkwartier in 2013 with just a handful of people.
From there we grew to being a young, fun-loving,
non-religious, but Jesus centred church which meets
every Sunday at the Diligentia Theatre in the centre
of The Hague.

Up to this point our services were Dutch only, but
on 10 March we are inviting you to an exciting new
step in our journey: our launch of our weekly
Bi-lingual service at 10:30 AM.

There will be a Dutch and English talk at each service.
Coffee, (good coffee) is a huge part of our
weekly experience. During the Dutch talk we will
service coffee so you can meet some friends and
get your Sunday off to a great start!

C3 Den Haag is part of a bigger movement of churches
worldwide who are committed to healthy relationships
and connection between churches.
As an international family our members are able to
walk into any of our C3 Churches around the world
and know they’re home.