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Masterclass Financing Your Future

When you hear about financial miracles, often you hear stories about how God used others to provide in the needs of a person, a calling or the works of a ministry or church. The other side often stays underexplosed. How can God use you to provide in the needs of your dreams, your family, your world, other ministries and your church? In the Financing Your Future Masterclass you’ll learn how to position yourself to be a blessing to others and the kingdom of God.

When, as a Christian, you learn about generosity, often you are taught to give to the church or to ministries. There seems to be little teaching on how to build a healthy financial basis, based on God’s wisdom, by saving, planning, investing and, for example, buy a home. In this course all these topics, and more, will be discussed.

In the Financing Your Future Masterclass you’ll learn everything you need to know about financing your dreams and calling. We’ll start with you. We’ll talk about financial mindsets, living on a budget and planning your carrier. We’ll also discuss how to start saving, investing, giving or even buy a house in this season, based on your personal situation.

Dates en costs
The course consists of 4 nights from 20:00-21:30, starting Tuesday the 18th of May. Registration fee is €40.

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